A famous example of the troubles involved in Biblical translation is the expression “lamb of God.” How do you convey the idea — the cute animal which gets killed to sate bloodlust — to a culture which doesn’t know about lambs? If you were trying to translate the New Testament for the Inuit, to cash in on the lucrative Nunavut market, you might go with “seal of God” instead.

I don’t think anybody has yet gone with “squid of God,” however. So, to provide at least a partial remedy, I give you Squidtivity!

I wonder why Sunday school forgot to mention that the wise men came from R’lyeh.

Tip o’ the Magi’s crown to Retrokatze.

6 thoughts on “Squidtivity”

  1. …the troubles involved in Biblical translation…

    If you wanted to preach gospel to the squid themselves, this scene would need a lot more work ;) Who would venerate one lousy offspring, when you can have thousands at a time?

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