Extremely Juvenile: For Pharyngulans Only

Warning: unless you saw this first, do not read below the fold.

Love at First Sight

Eh, Bronze Dog could have done better.

(Thanks, AJ Milneif gratitude is the appropriate emotion. . . .)

UPDATE: Since I’ve been linked from Pharyngula, I suppose I better provide quick links to my posts on Michael Egnor, my thoughts on fr*ming, my riff on the Courtier’s Reply, my take on the phrase “fundamentalist atheist” and my views on Francis Collins. That ought to about cover it.

3 thoughts on “Extremely Juvenile: For Pharyngulans Only”

  1. My personal favourite is this one.

    Dan Nuckols is a fucking genius. Observe the way that he composes without any regard for fact. Truly, he is a cartoonist unfettered, free to bring his surrealistic visions to life over the protestations of his critics, common sense, or indeed reality itself.

    Dan Nuckols makes Salvadore Dali look like Norman Rockwell.

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