Starting your own journal is a time-honored way to make pseudoscience and outright antiscience look more respectable. Known loonball Paul Cameron did it in order to bolster his homophobia, and the walking dishonesty generators known as “creationists” have done it several times. (Ad hominem? Sure, if you like. But creationism is the morally bankrupt pursuit of the factually wrong, and I lost patience with it quite some time ago.) Now, Jason Rosenhouse reports, they’ve gone and done it again.

These journals invariably founder on their inability to find any scientists willing to write for them. Remember Proceedings in Complexity, Information and Design? It’s been moribund since November 2005. Or how about Origins and Design? That one went belly-up around the turn of the century.

The latest representative of the genre is Anti-Matters. It bills itself as “A quarterly open-access journal addressing issues in science and the humanities from non-materialistic perspectives.”

Apparently, “non-materialistic” science means attacking evolutionary biology with — wait for it — the Second Law of Thermodynamics! Some bad arguments just never die.

Man, I’m on an emotional roller-coaster here. “Ooh, Jason Rosenhouse has a new post! Joy joy. I wonder what it’s about.” Then I read, and: “Oh. Creationists blathering about the Second Law.

“Now I’m sad.”

5 thoughts on “Anti-Matters

  1. “. . .issues in science and the humanities from non-materialistic perspectives”? Sounds like just the place for an article on, say, the transformative hermeneutics of quantum gravity.

  2. Leela: In my dream, Fry said he hid a gift for me in his locker… if it’s true, then he *must* still exist in some form!
    Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Of course he still exists… as a frozen corpse in outer space! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Huh! [moans] I made myself sad…

  3. One of these days I just KNOW that someone will explain something “non-materialistically.”

    Oh wait… that’s just a synonym for explaining something “non-explanatorily.”

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