Dawkins’ Book Endorsements

I just noticed that RichardDawkins.net is now advertising books in the left-hand sidebar, below the quotations and links to other skeptical and freethinking websites. These include Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell (2006), Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World (1995) and The Varieties of Scientific Experience (2006), E. O. Wilson’s The Future of Life (2001), A. C. Grayling’s Against All Gods (2007) and Michel Onfray’s Atheist Manifesto (2007). This sampling is significant for two reasons: first, if your reading has been limited to American glossy media, the latter two names will probably make you go, “Who?” Second, the implied endorsement of Sagan’s work is interesting, since many people (even some who should know better) have taken to canonizing Sagan as the anti-Dawkins of science advocacy. The same goes, to an extent, for E. O. Wilson.

The list of books is generated anew with each page load, just as with the other sidebar information, incidentally.

One thought on “Dawkins’ Book Endorsements”

  1. My impression is that the anti-Dawkins crowd likes to take any sort of insistence on gentleness as being the antithesis of what Dawkins advocates. It’s a misconstruel of what Dawkins primarily opposes, IMO. People tend to blur the line beteween cordial presentation and giving the false impression that magical thinking is compatible with science in order to make it seem less threatening. Most Dawkins critics seem to advocate the latter. Krauss is one of the folks who is 99% on the right side of things but often falls into the aforementioned trap.

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