How Not to Abbreviate “Wikipedia”

Or, “Pet Peeve #3,007.”

Please, please, for the love of knowledge and factual accuracy, don’t abbreviate Wikipedia as Wiki. That’s like saying “Look in Book for more to read” when you really mean, “See the relevant article in volume 17 of the Encyclopædia Britannica.” A wiki is a general type of website, an idea of how to edit material collaboratively, and this general idea has been implemented many times, in many different programming languages: MediaWiki (PHP), Instiki (Ruby), Twiki (Perl), etc.

Remember, even Conservapædia is a wiki.

(Image: an irate Wikipe-tan at Wikimedia Commons. Conservapædia has one, too.)

7 thoughts on “How Not to Abbreviate “Wikipedia””

  1. I’m really not all that bothered by abbreviation to Wiki. There seems to reasonable short form otherwise. WP is harder to say and just as long. Pedia sounds weird.

  2. And, when you consider the ever-increasing diversity of wikis which are not Wikipedia, wiki is not a “reasonable short form” either.

    I don’t know anyone who abbreviates “Wikipedia” as “wiki” in spoken English, either — believe me, I listen for it, because I do not lightly give up the pleasure of righteous irritation. It’s a written thing, a phenomenon of typed discourse.

    Next you’ll be wanting stir-fried wiki. . . .

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