Cordova’s “Advanced Creation Science”

Salvador “Darwin was a flatulent puppy-killer” Cordova has decided to enslave quantum mechanics in the service of Intelligent Design, or as he calls it, “Advanced Creation Science.” It’s amazing how poorly they hide the religious agenda, isn’t it? I was a little surprised when Michael Behe admitted on national television that ID was a tool for God’s Christian Soldiers to fight back against science, but letting your medievalism all hang out is apparently a ubiquitous practice among the ID crowd.

Anyway, Sal was, like, completely floored that Fourier transforms are used in both quantum physics and electrical engineering. He says he has to take a year to blog his “Advanced Creation Science” in full detail, but I have the feeling it will all reduce to the following:

Fourier transforms are used in engineering; Fourier transforms appear in quantum physics; therefore, quantum physics must have been engineered by Jesus.

Anyway, Tyler DiPietro and I are chatting about this over at his place.

UPDATE (11 December): Mark Chu-Carroll has weighed in.

UPDATE (14 December): More from Tyler here.

8 thoughts on “Cordova’s “Advanced Creation Science””

  1. Heh! Heh! Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah!!!! That’s just too great!

    I thought briefly about trying to play creationist over at UncommonDecent and trot out some bat-shit craziness, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything that was stupider than what they already believe. They’d think my parody was a decisive condemnation of science. These people just can’t be Sokaled — they’ll just say “Oh, so pi is a variable . . . ” [one of the absurdities in Sokal’s famous article] “. . . I guess that supports the Bible’s claim that pi = 3 . . . “

  2. Not cool man! I have a quantum field theory problem set to finish, and now that you made my head explode, I don’t think I’ll be able to. *facepalm* just really doesn’t cut it here.

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