Found Poetry: Search Queries 3

It’s Monday. . . and is it ever a Monday.

Instead of a real post, here is another installment of “found poetry” — the search queries by which people have found their way to Science After Sunclipse:

I’m sitting in a lecture hall right now, trying to find out what day(s) in the next two weeks I will have to teach. As people filter in, returning from the lunch break, I realize that I will have to stand in front of them all and convince them that I know how to create computer simulations. Fortunately, the art of deception runs deep in my blood.

5 thoughts on “Found Poetry: Search Queries 3”

  1. Are you saying that just because your mother makes her living writing proposals for Government contracts that you, in some way, have some in-born ability to tap dance through any computer simulation discussion? Or are you talking about your FATHER’s side of the family??

  2. I was thinking of Grandma Stacey when I wrote that bit about deception in the blood — actress, right? — but if writing proposals for Government contracts falls into the same category. . . .

    Since this blog runs on WordPress, I use a WordPress plugin called WP-SlimStat that tells me how many visits I get, where they come to me from and such. I don’t know the best way to do the same thing at Blogger; sign up with SiteMeter, maybe?

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