2 thoughts on “Seasonal Amusement”

  1. The clock radio woke me up this AM to the tail end of a reading of the original “Yes, Virginia….”. Bleah, what a hell of a thing to be subjected to, on emergence from slumber!

    Adults reassuring kids about God and Jesus has a certain internal logic to it, in that the adults believe it, too. But employing the same language to spread saccharine rubbish about Santa Claus? I never understood it back when I was religious, and my atheism finds it no more palatable.

  2. When I was studying in France, I found an xmms plugin which let me turn my laptop into an alarm clock. This was right about when the Dresden Dolls’ Yes, Virginia came out, so upon occasion I found myself waking up to “Mrs. O“:

    … and Yes, Virginia, all because
    the Truth can’t save you now
    the sky is falling down.
    Everything they ever told us
    shakes our faith and breaks their promise
    but you can stop the truth from leaking
    if you never stop believing…

    Sadly, there are no good performances of that song available on the usual video sites (that I can find, anyway).

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