Jay Novella writes about absinthe, and how this classic beverage is really just another kind of booze: the “special ingredient,” thujone, isn’t really a hallucinogen after all. This is doubtless the cause of much heartbreak and disappointment, but I have a solution:

LSD-spiked absinthe.

What could possibly go wrong? This is serious psychiatry we’re talking about, here. I mean, a bottle in front of me is still better than a prefrontal lobotomy, right?

6 thoughts on “Absinthe-Minded”

  1. Naaah – spike it with MDMA instead. There’s a drug with true psychiatric benefit. And what better way to administer it than through an Absinthe Delivery System?

    Me, I’ll be taking my MDMA straight. As luck would have it, I quit drinking two months before the silly thujone restrictions went the way of the speakeasy.

  2. Meh. I never saw any hallucinatory effects, and I still enjoyed absinthe. I may have to get a bottle again now that it’s legal to sell in the US.

  3. stogoe: Unfortunately, what’s available in the US isn’t the real thing. It’s closer than the Czech version, which is an infusion rather than a distillation, but it’s still not what they imbibed on the fin de siècle left bank.

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