5 thoughts on “Random Thought #4,376,987,…,002”

  1. Sounds like it’s more in William Gibson’s line (though I wouldn’t put it past Pratchett to manage to work up number theory into a Discworld plot, featuring a wizard whose name is an obvious riff on Godel’s).

  2. Now that I think of it, Charlie Stross was the one who actually named a character Greg Chaitin. But I do like that William Gibson idea:

    “The sky was the color of a badly wiped chalkboard, with a half-erased proof of BQP’s place in the classical complexity hierarchy floating against the stratosphere, and in the gray dimness of discontented winter filtering through the nanobot stormclouds, a grad student was trying to install new firmware on his second-hand Ono-Sendai simstim deck. . . .”

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