Blagging Behind: Software Issues

First, earlier this afternoon, I tried upgrading to WordPress 2.3.2, being that it’s an “urgent security release” and all that. In the process, it incinerated my categories, and nothing I could do would convince it to create new ones. I had to pull out the MySQL backup I’d made before the upgrade attempt and downgrade to the 2.2 branch again.

Second, Technorati seems to have dropped forty-odd days’ worth of blog reaction data. I think that’s a glitch on their end — hooray for any mistake it’s not my responsibility to fix!

6 thoughts on “Blagging Behind: Software Issues”

  1. I noticed the same Technorati problem. It hasn’t decreased my authority rating (not that mine’s great to begin with), but they only list one reaction from, well, you.

  2. I managed to hose my blog with a WordPress update before. That’s why my comments were down for most of the year.

    Yet, oddly enough, 2.3.2 didn’t seem to cause me any trouble.

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