Found Poetry: Search Queries 4

To celebrate the end of the week and the start of the month, here are some search queries by which people have found Science After Sunclipse. Enjoy the free-verse, verse-free goodness:

6 thoughts on “Found Poetry: Search Queries 4”

  1. If it’s obvious from the referring URL (say, there’s some parameter like “start=30”) then I can get a rough idea of where I appear in the hit parade. Otherwise, I have to check manually. I haven’t really been keeping track of the rankings, only the search strings which send people my way.

  2. I like the combination of “black death magic spells” with “against liberal arts”. It brings to mind images of a neoconservative Hogwart’s or something of the like.

    I also suspect that the “cosman leprosy” and “black death magic spells” folks might have some common ground between them.

  3. My biggest ones are always various permutations of “Emma Watson naked” or “Hermione nude”.

    Behind that is usually “literotica”, “naked mud wrestling”, sundry strings containing “coitus”, and “dragons”.

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