One Small Step for Mismeasuring Man

There are only 1.27 times as many straight people as gay people in the world, and most people aren’t either.

How do I know? Google says so. Just count the hits.

porn: 227,000,000
lesbian porn: 9,930,000
straight porn: 610,000
heterosexual porn: 360,000
homosexual porn: 284,000

Now that I’ve gotten Science After Sunclipse banned from every school room in America (oh, like it wasn’t already, me being an ill-tempered, illiterate evilutionist and all), you can just go about your business. Or you can hang around while Windy and I resolve the group selection controversy.

8 thoughts on “One Small Step for Mismeasuring Man”

  1. Methinks that most of the “lesbian” porn is just a of overly made up women making in order to appeal to the insecure straight boys who want to think they are so manly, they can turn two “dyke”.

    Sorry for being snarky, the “lesbian” porn I have seen did not seem very lesbian to me.

    And I shall end with one of my favorite quote from J.R.”Bob” Dobbs; “Watch two girls making out? I’d rather be two girls making out.”

  2. What methodology? I contest the title “lesbian” porn. Most of that type of porn are directed at straight men, not lesbians. Perhaps I am taking most of my info about this from old Bill Hicks monologues. And having a limited knowledge of porn.

    Where is my methodology?

  3. Geez, I didn’t think anything as manifestly absurd as this could provoke any comments about my definitions.

    For what it’s worth, I’m inclined to agree with you (not that I have particularly great knowledge about the subject beyond Bill Hicks, either).

  4. Hey, I thought I was playing with the absurdity. I am, beyond anything else, a smart ass. Sadly, it does not translate well to the written word. And I refuse to use emoticons. I have always hated that stupid smiley face.

  5. I do not have a strong antipathy to the emoticon, but I can appreciate your feeling. In fact, I’d say the rotating emoticons of GMail Chat are among the creepier things on the Internet.

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