Shorter Tony Campolo

BPSDBTony Campolo, author of Letters to a Young Evangelical (2006), has written a diatribe against Charles Darwin which shamelessly regurgitates the ignorant, hateful crap we’ve seen and debunked countless times before. To summarize his position,

Slandering the discoverer of a scientific truth and implying that science has made no progress in the past 150 years are both vitally necessary if we wish to love and honor Jesus.

We can also summarize the response from the seasoned Network travelers:


Fixing the defective wiring between Campolo’s ears is left as an exercise for the interested reader.

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  1. Bill Clinton’s pastoral counsellor? Sounds like it could have been D James Kennedy. Not surprised. People tend to ignore me when I point out the the Al and Tipper Gore pandered to the evangelical back in the 80’s. Check out Tipper’s book, “Raising PG Kids In A R World” and using Al’s clout to form and head The Parents Music Research Center. The group claimed the rock music was used to spread satanism and homosexuality. We need reminders that it is not just the bushies who spread the god crap.

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