2007 TU24: Essay Questions

Now that asteroid 2007 TU24 has safely passed us by, without a single one of the apocalyptic consequences foretold by doomsayers, a few questions linger in the mind:

1. How long will the aforesaid doomsayers keep their act going? “The asteroid isn’t outside of Earth’s magnetosphere yet! Just you wait! The worst is yet to come, because I can still feel its astrological influence perturbing the quantum vibrational levels of my chakras!”

2. How many trivial events, the likes of which happen every day, will be claimed as effects of the asteroid’s passage?

3. Who wants to play Asteroids on my projector TV?

3 thoughts on “2007 TU24: Essay Questions”

  1. 1. As long as they get a satisfactory number of hits on their site, which makes them feel so special and important.

    2. The effects they are warning about, such as firestorms and natural disasters, and the always certain “other unknown effects,” happen every day.

    3. Only if you don’t shoot down asteroid 373. (Seriously, I never played Asteroids but was addicted to Astroblast. There’s a video to remind me of the many wasted hours shooting objects on my TV. Now I just waste my time on the Internet. ;-)

    I googled “asteroid astrology,” which was scary. I think I need to change my name. I also saw another astrologer who takes quantum physics seriously: http://www.falconastrology.com/quantum_astrology.html

    Why spend money at MIT
    When you can do astrology?

  2. 1. Forever. It will be perpetually on a collision coarse with earth and all the astronomers will be dismissed as a bunch of liar-pantses for disputing their claim.

    2. Just about anything you can shoehorn into a doomsday scenario. See: Christian “end-times” hysteria.

    3. Me, though if Paul Hutch is too far away I probably am too, since we are residents of the great nor-east region of New England.

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