Guess the speakers!

A: Ah, that’s different. If it helps you that’s great. That doesn’t mean it’s true.

B: Well, it’s true for me. See, I believe —

A: You mean true for you is different from true for anybody else?

B: Yeah, absolutely —

Is B a hippie stoner full of Good Vibrations or, worse yet, a literature major?

Actually, A is Richard Dawkins and B is Bill O’Reilly. (Transcript courtesy Jason Rosenhouse.)

12 thoughts on “Postmodernism!”

  1. “Worse yet, a literature major?” Is that supposed to be one of those underhanded comments about those who study the Humanities? Surely not…

  2. Ssh! Don’t tell anyone, but I almost got a literature minor in addition to my physics major. A Brazil-esque bureaucratic technicality stopped me, and in my last semester of college I didn’t quite have the energy (or free time) to fight for the additional piece of paper.

  3. I TOTALLY guessed the nature of speaker B, though not the actual speakers. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not, though. I’d rather have it be a happily stoned person.

  4. What’s with this white square stuff? Is it just my browser? It looks freaky – please make it black again! It’s killing the milieu, really. (Maybe you should have almost minored in art, too.) ;-)

    As for O’Reilly’s truthiness, I notice that Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day is:

    The Word of the Day for April 24, 2007 is:

    mythomania • \mith-uh-MAY-nee-uh\ • noun
    :an excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating

    You don’t hear mythomaniac being used often, but it’s a legitimate word. I suppose I’ll start calling Ken Ham a mythomaniac…and others.

  5. Melusine:

    It’s not just your browser; now that I’ve figured out CSS, I’ve been sinking vast amounts of what could have been productive time into making garish web designs. I was wondering if the white-on-almost-black text was too hard to read, so I tried switching the colors around.

    Uh-oh, I just hopped over to Bad Astronomy to check Phil Plait’s site layout, and now I have to write a new post.

  6. Oh dear, it still looks awful a day later. I wrote this last night, but I thought I’d bite my tongue, but CITOKATE, as you often say:

    It really looked fine the way it was, but because the text was too dark of a grey and too small, it made it harder to read. I was going to suggest that you might have gone one shade or two lighter on the text or increase it to the size of say, the font on David Brin’s blog, and that would have looked great. The white boxes don’t mesh with the background – they look ugly. Sorry to say. And the red text on the sidebar, as much as I am a big fan of red, it is harder to read against black because it “floats” (especially when alternating with white text); this hurts people’s eyes if they’ve been on the PC for some time. If it was all red it would be easier to read. I’m not trying to be overly critical here, really. The white boxes just don’t go well with your Lyon pictures. I could show you many black-background sites that stay with a “dark mood”* by mixing greys for ease of reading that look very nice and “serious”, but again, it looked fine before – it was just the font. (And why are the S’s and T’s cut off at the top in the title?)

    **And isn’t that more fitting for someone who walks around Boston in a black hat and trenchcoat? (-:

    CITOKATE Part Deux: How does one hack into the SNEWS site? A year has gone by and I can’t seem to get the author to fix two typos. I figure if the Judge was an English Major, they would find it amusing, so I’m willing to hack. [evil Calvin-grin off]

    Two dark sites to look at:

  7. There must be one set by default in WordPress. (Your message was caught in the WordPress moderation queue, not the Akismet spam filter.) With luck, there’s a plugin which’ll let me control the moderation stuff more flexibly, with whitelists and such.

    URL limits annoy me too.

    Hmmm, time to multiply the color scheme by -1 once again. . . .

    P.S. What were the typos in the SNEWS site?

  8. Oh good, the white boxes are gone, yay. I just realized the SNEWS site is a good example. Doh. Their white is more grey than your font. You might want to try turning it down one notch. (I wonder if things might look different to me because I have an old screen – the one at my ex-job was a 19″ CRT and things did look different than at home – layouts and such. Plus I use IE most of the time.)

    The typos:

    Under the third spectrum box:

    “Now, the spectrum lines are light absorbed. This and the above image illustrate the difference between “emission” spectra and “abosrption” spectra; spectroscopy is quite the versatile thing.” (Unless “abosrption” is some funky new physics term I’m unaware of, it’s not in my dictionary.) ;-)

    And in the third to last paragraph on the neutrino page:

    “A basic principle, the Conservation of Energy, says that energy cannot vanish from existence. It cases where that appears to happen, it is in fact being transformed into a less obvious form.” (In cases? Yup, those neutrinos are sneaky.)

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