The Internet is making me feisty and argumentative (exhibit A). In my current mood, I’d be apt to fill this space with spite; fortunately, other people blag so I don’t have to.

First in a random ordering, Ben Allen asks, “How complex is a human?” Entertaining arithmetic ensues in the comments. Next, our friend gg kicks off a series of posts on Einstein’s relativity. Oddly enough, relativity has also showed up in Steven Novella’s latest debunking of Michael Egnor.

Finally, Russell Blackford has saved me the trouble of blagging about an odd story concerning religion and nanotechnology.

I’m currently supposed to be writing two different journal articles at my day job, but I’ll see if I can eke out the time to continue my supersymmetry series. There’s no better way to get myself a little peace and quiet than to post lots of equations!

4 thoughts on “Happenings”

  1. The Internet is making me extremely feisty what with so many lies out there of the pathetic nature of the Expelled people like Ben Stein and journalists covering the elections without doing their homework – and I’m no neuroscientist or physicist! It seems like Steven Novella has unending patience to deal with Egnor; it’s as if he’s talking to a poor student who refuses to listen. It appears to me that the ID Creationists, et al., keep moving the language goalposts because they really don’t know WTF they’re talking about. If one doesn’t have their feet on the ground to begin with, it’s no wonder they keep spewing tangled nonsense. And they are hopeless with metaphors and analogies.

    When I first viewed here I got a grey box “Illegal operation in plug-in.” Do you know why that might have happened? Other than knowing my HTML tags, my PC knowledge is scant.

    Too, can you some day parse out a few famous equations, so I stop looking at them like Calvin. (-:

  2. Firefox. I also got some shockwave-related box when I first went to Skepchick. Maybe my computer needs to be thrown out the window. I’ve also been having recurring problems with “not responding” despite my doing all the Windows XP fixer-uppers – a pain because it takes forever to post. Could be an E-Machines issue too. It doesn’t help my getting ticked-off about everything. I post embedded videos all the time elsewhere and have never gotten the “illegal operation plug-in” box. Confounds me. ???

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