OK, The Power of Science Blog!

The infamous evilutionary superscientist P-Zed has been interviewed by a Korean newspaper in connection with a plagiarism incident which P-Zed’s legion of readers helped expose. The story in The Hankyoreh has not yet been published in an English version, but the Korean copy is available online.

A reader translates the headline as, “A plagiarism case spotted within 8 hrs since publishing: the Strength of Science Blogs.” (It actually took only a little over four hours for the first plagiarized passage to be detected; PZ Myers’s blog post appeared at 10:08 AM, and Ian York found the first of many stolen passages at 2:17 PM, ScienceBlogs time.) Google translates that headline as

After eight hours’ thesis plagiarism ‘OK, the power of science blog!

Machine translation, where would we be without you?

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