Many Ways to Lose the Oldest Game

Like most people I know, this year I’ll be voting the straight “whom do I loathe least” ticket. Occasionally, I or a friend of mine felt a dram of enthusiasm about a candidate; all of them have vanished from the race, one by one. My expectation is that come November, my fellow Americans and I will have the privilege of pretending to choose which alleged human will be the next face of the parasite rasping and sucking all truth and decency from our country. However, the anonymous creativity of the Internet can still make me smile; for a brief, shining moment, this made politics something a little better than abject despair. Click to watch the animation cycle:

I figured out where it was going before it got there, which didn’t stop the LOL from working its way out of my belly.

4 thoughts on “Many Ways to Lose the Oldest Game”

  1. It’s in a hard-to-read format, and the pages take a long time to download; however, I only really had trouble when I tried to flip to the middle (which, for some brain-damaged reason, required loading all the pages in between).

    This reminds me: I need to write about the time I met Neil Gaiman. It was six years and change ago — long enough in the past that the blogonet hardly mentions the event at all. Nowadays, the shindig would have been live-blogged out the wazoo.

    And, incidentally. . . .

  2. That particular banner ad was created over on the forums at One of the features on the Something Awful forums is that members can purchase cheap banner ads that simply link to a forum thread, as opposed to an outside vendor’s website. I think the vast majority of banner ads in circulation at any given time are just goofy ads that people bought for, like, five bucks just to have a little fun. The politics subforum has a huge megathread for Obama supporters, and that forum also has a lot of comic book nerds. That’s where “Sandman” Obama came from.

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