Filler Art

A whole heap of stuff has to get written in the next week. Some of it I’m getting paid for; all of it is overdue. I think it’s time to take a vacation from the Internet, or at the very least, from the comment threads of science blogs. Don’t trash up the place while I’m away — that’s my job.

Here are some new character designs I’ve been working on:

[tex]\anticomm{\gamma_\mu}{\gamma_\nu} = 2\eta_{\mu\nu}\idmat.[/tex]

[tex]\left[i\gamma^\mu(\partial_\mu + iA_\mu) – m\right] \psi = 0.[/tex]

[tex]i\gamma^\mu \partial_\mu \psi(x) – \phi(x^0)\psi(x) = 0.[/tex]

[tex]\gamma^0\omega\psi(x^1) + i\gamma^1 \partial_1 \psi(x^1) – \phi(x^1)\psi(x^1) = 0.[/tex]

[tex]A = \partial_1 + \phi(x^1),\ A^\dag = -\partial_1 + \phi(x^1).[/tex]

And here’s a video from the archives:

Catch you on the flipside.