Happy Birthday, PZ

We’ve broken our fast with him when he passed through our town, and we’ve honored him in his absence. Now, it’s time to wish a certain evilutionary superscientist a happy fifty-first birthday:

funny pictures

I didn’t have my own blag the last time we fêted PZ Myers, but I did join the others in writing a poem:

“Fifty years have gone, and winter’s grown a little colder;
The sophomores of Morris town are smaller every day,
And that blogging daughter’s out to steal my flock away.
And with Creationists about and lying ever bolder,
Why should this biologist get out of bed today?”

“Fifty years?” I heard my own voice say.
“Really, sir, I thought you were a little older.”

One thought on “Happy Birthday, PZ”

  1. I like the ambiguity in the first poem (or am I imagining that coda can have more than one meaning? It’ll mean what we want it to, and we should like that double entendre!)

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