How to Hypothesis People

If I really wanted to pull in the traffic, I would write about the topics which seem to concern the people who find my site:

According to the Internet Movie Database, the 216-digit Name of God is 884509627386359275033751967 943067599621731590401694134 434007629683591574337516791 197615733475195375920401694 343151239621353184932676605 800621596380716399501371459 954387507655892533875618750 354029981152863950711207613.

For what that’s worth.

5 thoughts on “How to Hypothesis People”

  1. I think calculators get irrational powers through a humanly possible superhero powers injection. It’s one of the negative effects of fantasy genre.

  2. Excellent that The Family Sunclipse has staked out an unequivocal position on whether a .45 can blow out brains. ;)

    “Wet brains were splattered all over. Three .45 hollow points can do great damage to a piece of human trash, which is what Joe Bob Morgan was.”

  3. I asked Google “Why do people type sentences into search engines?”.

    It still hasn’t just given me a direct answer.

    It never does.

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