Dawkins and Myers on Being Expelled

Expelled -- Exposed!Josh Timonen has filmed a dialogue between PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins. The clip below describes what happened when the two of them went, with friends and family, to see the creationist propaganda flick Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Many people have already observed that the movie’s subtitle is a blazing beacon of irony, but gosh darn it, that observation gets truer every day: the makers of Expelled are bound and determined to drive home their lack of acumen.

The Harvard/XVIVO animation to which the biologists refer, one which creationists have plagiarized before, is available on Harvard’s website.

3 thoughts on “Dawkins and Myers on Being Expelled

  1. Yes, Ben Stein is certainly familiar with the adage that “all publicity is good publicity” — after all, he wrote speeches for Richard Nixon, and look what the Watergate publicity did for Nixon’s reputation!

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