7 thoughts on “Amen Break (2004)”

  1. Interesting video, but the Winstons were out of D.C., where they’d say “Amen” with a long “a” sound. Every time this guy says “ahh-men”, I die a little inside.

    More seriously, he’s at least oversimplifying when he talks about jungle’s use of the break. When you take it completely apart into individual hits, it loses its identity as a memetic unit. If what he says is taken at face value, every drum fill composed of bass, snare, hi-hat, and crash cymbals is just a reworking of this one break. No, there’s got to be some restriction on how the pieces are reassembled for it to count as a use of the break. I’m sure that there’s an emergent grammar to how the break is “properly” and “improperly” used.

    That all said, the Amen Break needs to be mixed with the Wilhelm Scream.

  2. Thanks, everybody!

    To my ear, the jungle samples used in the video incorporated the “amen break” more or less faithfully. Of course, they may represent the more pristine examples of the sample in the genre.

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