Seriously, Now

Dear Internet:

There was a fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? It came out a month ago? And I never heard?

Seriously, Internet, you’re letting me down.

Oh. They never mentioned it on ScienceBlogs — that would explain a few things.

Not only do I feel betrayed by the Blagnet, but I also feel like I missed what could have been a deeply personal experience with resonances of happy times in my past. Back in high school, my friends all dressed up as the Turtles for Senior Ambition Day. I could have had some serious, only partially ironic enjoyment.

Curse you, perfidious Network!

7 thoughts on “Seriously, Now”

  1. Oh, Turtles in Time. You’re just bad enough to be mercifully forgotten. Turtles II had Vanilla Ice, and him alone pumped the ‘ridiculously bad’ stat up so high no one could ever forget.

    The recent Turtles 4 was pretty good. It was well-animated, and April was less of a ‘useless obstacle character’, what with the sword and ninja-ing. It might be worth a rent at some point.

  2. The funniest part is that last night, we were watching the 1987 TMNT cartoon on our projector (Sweet Lady Isis, but I love that machine!), and we got to talking about how every other franchise of our childhood has gotten resurrected and/or rebooted. Superman returned; Batman began; Star Wars, er, got even worse than Ewoks; and Star Trek is even going back to the Academy.

    Mutating the Turtles all over again seemed like the next logical expression of the Zeitgeist. It would resonate so strongly with the national spirit-oscillator: Turtles v. Taliban. We realized that this movie absolutely had to happen. Lo and LOL, we looked upon the Wobosphere and saw that it already had, without our knowing. Trust me, there was considerable consternation in our household (I must not be the only one living in a giant bucket).

    If TMNT 4 did not exist, we would have to invent it!

  3. well, she was really more like The Bride in her yellow jumpsuit, but definitely not a ‘So. April’s in trouble. Must be Tuesday’ character.

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