Shall I Be Plain?

At the most recent Boston meeting of Skeptics in the Pub, after Mike the Mad Biologist had given his talk, the conversation split up into different corners of the room. Over at my end, I recall, we were having a chill discussion about cartoons and the strange people one can find beside Los Angeles freeways, while across the way, the far side of the Asgard’s backroom developed into a fierce argument over something-or-other. When we chanced to look in their direction, our impression was that our fellow skeptics had staged an impromptu performance of Richard III. The fellow sitting in the throne-like chair surveying the debate with interest and cool decision no doubt added to the effect.

Whenever you get a bunch of science enthusiasts together in a bar, they start talking Shakespeare. It’s happened twice already, so it must be a rule. And it was with this rule on my mind that I happened to search the Internet today, looking for something else and finding this video instead. Now, we no longer need to imagine what Peter Sellers would sound like doing Laurence Olivier doing Richard III doing “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Now, we know.

3 thoughts on “Shall I Be Plain?”

  1. That’s about 3 gigs of awesome on a one-gig drive, Blake. I just have to wonder what manner of Shakespeariana will come up at tomorrow’s Skeptics in the Pub.

    I’m guessing it’ll be Falstaff, in the conservatory, with the lead pipe.

  2. Is it too much to hope for Puck in the parlor with the candlestick? I’ve heard rumors that them skeptics are feared in field and town–goblin lead them up and down…although I suspect a gathering of scientists would be more like Titania and Oberon.

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