News From the Home State

Several bills have died recently in the Alabama State Legislature. According to an AP wire report, one of them would have “protected teachers from being fired for giving personal opinion while teaching controversial subjects like evolution.” In other words, the “Academic Freedom Act,” whose purpose really was to protect the teaching of creationism, has croaked. Let’s celebrate!

Oh, wait. Another bill which died would have “repealed the state’s ban on sex toys.”

Darn! The Darwinist agenda has been foiled once again!

(Tip a’ the fedora to Sensuous Curmudgeon.)

7 thoughts on “News From the Home State”

  1. It’s meant to be interpreted as in the saying, “You can’t go home again.” Har har.

    Actually, I’m building up my anti-elitism case for when I run for political office. Expect a great deal of talk about eating potato logs and chicken fingers on a motorboat cruising down the Tennessee River, etc.

  2. “Actually, I’m building up my anti-elitism case for when I run for political office. ”

    Make sure you brush up on your bowling and your Whisky drinking! :)

  3. So… does this mean we can’t celebrate the demise of the “academic freedom bills” with sex toys?


    Ah, well. In your first act as President, you can always issue an executive order declaring sex toys for all. You have my vote, you potato log eating populist you!

  4. Actually it is good to “go home again” on occasion. It just reinforces — “boy, was I ever right about moving away from THIS place!” I speak from experience. You in politics . . . hmm, well I guess Bill overcame HIS parents.

  5. Hey, Florida and Lousisana have “Academic Freedom” acts too. It’s the new “wedge” issue designed to combat voter apathy among those of the religious right. Expect the flames to be fanned with increasing vigor as we approach November.

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