Pretentious Document Format

I Love the Blogosphere!I love the Interblagotubes.

Where else could you dump thousands of grumpy and disaffected words on unsuspecting readers and have them come back asking for more, and in a more easily printable format? Seriously: if you know a better venue for long-winded, gloomy rambles, I’ll go there instead.

Recently, Scott Hatfield asked me if I could convert one of my lengthier essays into a PDF or some other such format. In the spirit of excessive and unwanted generosity, I did a quick-and-dirty conversion job on not one, but two posts. Here they are:

The next time I need to procrastinate on something dreadfully important, I might try this again.

7 thoughts on “Pretentious Document Format”

  1. You appear to suffer the same problems regarding upper/lower margin that I encounter. Only in reverse. I must decrease the upper margin by about 1.5cm to obtain the proper result.

  2. Yes it looks better!

    I find that I must tweak my margins to get what I desire :-(

    I’ve been told that such problems are limited to the use of “letterpaper” and that they are absent for a4 … but haven’t tested that claim.

  3. I need to get off my lazy arse and actually read your long essays. I’ve sorta skipped the longest bits.

    I’ve been trying to follow your QM posts, though. Depressing how much I’ve forgotten in ten years. Actually … that makes me feel old too.

  4. Thanks for the NoM pdf, and thanks to Scott Hatfield for suggesting it. I tried to create one by printing with PDFCreator from two different browsers, but in both cases it was difficult to read the equations. (Now if I could only remember where I saved my version so I could delete it.)

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