In Which Blake Fails

Not noticing the tiny, unobtrusive switch on the side of your laptop which is labeled “WIRELESS ON / OFF” and wondering why you are no longer detecting any WiFi networks: FAIL.

Trying to troubleshoot your switched-off WiFi by digging through kernel module configurations: FAIL.

Attempting to connect using the Ethernet card and a hub which turns out to be non-functional: FAIL.

Finally switching the WiFi to the ON position, connecting to the Internet and realizing, “Hooray, now I can get back to work on that proceedings book for the conference which happened four years ago” — EPIC FAIL.

10 thoughts on “In Which Blake Fails”

  1. This has to be the worst feature on laptops today. It happened to me the day I took mine out of the box and approximately once every three months since. Good to know I’m not alone.

  2. I don’t have any qualms about the wireless on/off button on my lappy. It’s right up front, and it glows orange when it’s on, so it’s plain to see.

    No, my issues are reserved for the Bluetooth button next to that. The one which, so far as I can tell, serves no function and which, when pressed, only causes the words “No Device” to display in green letters on my screen. If there’s no Bluetooth device…then WHY IN THE LACK OF A GOD’S NAME IS THERE A BLUETOOTH BUTTON???

  3. Mine has a little orange light that goes off when I switch it off. Funnily enough, when I am typing, all the indicator lights are covered by my left wrist, except that one.

  4. After a three-week odyssey, I found out that the Dell D600 would turn off wifi on its own when moving between freestanding and the docking station. As nearly as I can tell, the on/off switch (key combo Fn-F2) is not available from an external keyboard.

  5. meh, my button is right up front where it’s way too easy to push, but the light is up toward the screen, and very small, where it’s easy to not notice.

    I’m doing it all the damned time.

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one.

  6. On/off button?

    The only issue I have with Lazarus is the mediaplayer keys on the front. I keep hitting the volume+/- keys when I rest the front on my belly.

  7. “This has to be the worst feature on laptops today.”

    A friend of mine would argue that the ‘lock’ button on many laptops is the worst feature. Her husband’s laptop mysteriously wouldn’t start one morning and she ended up having to call technical support. The first thing they asked her: “Is the lock button on?” “What ‘lock button'”?

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