After Patchwork

The spores of discontent have infected the nervous system of Warren Ellis, driving him to higher ground so that they may burst open his skull and spread their meme sequences upon the wind:

That’s been the job of half the web, for the last several years — collating links from the other half of the web. Last year, I started getting a little itchy about this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stand up now and say, okay, these are the post-curation years? The world does not need another linkblog. What is required, frankly, is what we’re supposed to call “content” these days. When I were a lad, back in the age of steam, we called this “original material.” Put another way: we like it when Cory and Xeni are the copy/paste editors for the internet, but we like it better when Cory writes a book and Xeni makes an episode of BoingBoingTV.

(In fact, if you read any of the abhorrent comments threads on BoingBoing, you could be forgiven for coming away with the notion that its readership would be happy if it shut down tomorrow.)

Trying to create “original material” does occasionally leave me with the impression that I should take lessons from my indie-rock friends on whining, “Won’t anybody listen?”

4 thoughts on “After Patchwork”

  1. Now is the summer of our discontent, and apparently, it’s all because of those damned spores. :)

    You’re kinda preaching to the choir in my case, since I started my blog on the assumption that the world didn’t need another links blog. It’s worked out okay for me, despite my occasional Indie rocker moments (“Oh, why do we even bother being true to our vision?”).

    Except most of us have to earn a living (eventually), and it takes a lot of time and effort to create original material, as you well know. Thank god for college/grad students, otherwise there’d be a real paucity of original material on the Intertubes. The real question is, sure, we like it better when Cory and Xeni produce original material — but are we willing to pay for the privilege so that Cory and Xeni can pay their rent and maybe eat something other than ramen noodles every day?

  2. But wait; if you’re an indie rocker, then that makes all of us readers the indie rock fans, and that means that as soon as you get even remotely mainstream we’ll have to denounce you as a sell out and bitch about how none of your recent stuff is as good as your first album. That’s the 500 copy album you recorded in your bedroom and only sold at gigs, obviously.

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