Your Quantum Comic for Today

Jorge Cham’s Piled Higher and Deeper once again rises from “amusing” to “freakishly relevant.”

This is the moment when I realize that Jorge Cham autographed my copies of his (then) two books when he spoke at MIT. . . three years ago. . . excuse me, I need to go figure out what I’ve been doing with my life. . . .

2 thoughts on “Your Quantum Comic for Today”

  1. Well – my supervisor got himself scheduled for two lectures at the same time one semester.

    Guess who had to solve his problem of bi-presense for him?

    Yeah – my student evaluations sucked.

  2. The sad thing is this one is so incredibly true. I need to email him with some of my stories. He still hasn’t made up the one about how I was going to write a science romance novel.

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