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  1. I’ll have to give it a shot.

    Blake, I talk a lot about beer because I like it. I just hate the ordinariness that people settle for. Bad beer, reality TV, sugar frosted flakes, McDonald’s hamburgers. Beer makes me less grumpy if it’s good.

  2. Yeah, ordinariness sucks. Believe me, beer got a whole lot better after I left high school and discovered things like “flavor.” When the word beer is effectively defined as “weakly carbonated, slightly alcoholic piss-water,” it’s easy to be a teetotaler.

    My transition from “not drinking” to “having a glass on special occasions” happened when I took Mehran Kardar’s advanced statistical physics class. After we finished each problem set, we’d walk to Bukowski’s and drown our sorrows in cheese dip, hamburgers and stout.

    (I haven’t owned a television set in years, and the last one I did own was connected to a DVD player, a desktop computer and an Atari 400. Somebody else has to be the representative of science to Middle America, because I sure as Hell aren’t qualified.)

  3. People pretend to love Krispy Kreme, but it’s part of a deeper loathing of impermanence.

    Actually, it’s because they’re possessed by Satan. Everyone knows Dunkin’ Donuts is the One True Donut.

    (Hi, Blake. We met at the PZ-less Boston Pharyngula meetup MAJeff organized.)

  4. That kind of writing reminds me that I need to let loose and go on an “everything I don’t like sucks and everyone secretly agrees with me but won’t admit it” post of my own. I think I’m pompous enough to pull it off.

  5. And I srrsly didn’t, but of course I’d only write such a post because the central thesis would be undeniably true. My taste rules and every slight variation from it sucks AND YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE.

  6. It’s so true.

    Speaking of mundane shit, the only chains I frequent are the local ones. It wasn’t an intentional thing, it’s just that all the national ones are bland as Hell. It took me a while to realise that — I loved Burger King and such as a kid — but now that I have I can’t go back. I’ll pop down to the local pub for a burger or around the corner for a pizza before going to McDonald’s or Pizza Hut any day, and not just because the local places are closer.

    I’ve noticed that even the big chains based on having “good” food can be a bit crap. E.g., Boloco and B. Good. B. Good’s burgers are not all that bad, but they’re a little plainish. They’re always overcooked, but that happens anywhere that doesn’t offer them made to order. Boloco, on the other hand, is just shit. I remember when the Bolocos used to be called “The Wrap”, and they were actually awesome. I used to frequent the one near Northeastern with a friend of mine, and I’d get the Buffalo chicken wrap because it rocked so hard. But now we’ve got this Boloco thing that’s barely edible.


  7. Joshua: That’s all well and good when you’re sitting in one place. But when you carom about the country between conferences and moving to a new job every year, sometimes homogeneity can be a good thing. Pretty much anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line I can count on there being a Cracker Barrel at any wide place in the road. When I’ve already been on the road for 12 hours, I don’t really have any interest in researching what local restaurants might be in Hattiesburg.

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