Calling All Elitist Bastards

It lacks ten days until the next Carnival of Elitist Bastards. The fourth instalment of this more-august-by-the-minute institution will be hosted here, at Science After Sunclipse, on the thirtieth of August. Entries for consideration should be sent to elitistbastardscarnival at gmail dot com by the twenty-ninth. If you’ve got writing which exalts the intellect; which details the life of sophistication and subtlety; which illustrates, by example, the pleasure and virtue of knowledge justly won — eh bien, alors, this carnival is for you.

INCIDENTALLY, if you’re looking for something to uplift your spirit, I have just been informed that the TV series Cosmos (1980) is available for sale on iTunes. I don’t have iTunes, so I can’t tell you much more than that.

One thought on “Calling All Elitist Bastards”

  1. Bugger! I reluctantly got an ipod off ebay (and ended up being charge 40 quid by customs – so much for saving money – and now I don’t have the benefit of two years’ warranty (not that Apple has a good record on that account)), but I did not want to sign up for Itunes.

    26 USD?! Damn damn damn. And damn you for making me want to buy it now. Before I was perfectly happy just trying to find a second hand copy of Demonhaunted World.

    Alas – I’m no more an elitist (nor a prescriptivist). Despite the best intentions of my therapist I have in my old age become wholly aware of my shortcomings.

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