The Skeptical Garden of Forking Paths

The 60th Skeptic’s Circle is up at Infophilia. Our Sunclipse contingent is represented by these three posts. Lots of good stuff is on offer; I particularly enjoyed Conspiracy Factory’s anecdote about anecdotes, and Bronze Dog’s take on vibrational woo struck a chord with me.

Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!

Infophile clearly put some serious effort into this Circle. The end result, a fine example of hypertext fiction bent to pedagogical purposes, indicates that he truly appreciates the quantum feminist perspective:

The lurch and the jump of a browser’s deterritorialized journey through a hyperlinked text simultaneously problematizes connectivity, perspective and the nature of multidimensional space even as it explores them. […] Luce Irigaray has asked, “What do we call a gap that is full?” (qtd in Joyce, 1995, 207) and in the webbed space of hyperlinked fiction the pregnant gaps between the nodes are at least as important as the textual nodes themselves. The nodes exist in conjunction with the dynamic space of the journey and cannot be discussed in isolation. This information gap can only be travelled through and never visited directly because it is the interpolation of space and nonspace. It is mnemonic space: the fleeting space between the moment of remembering and forgetting. This is not the white space of the printed page, but instead the full, noisy gap of the cyberspatial leap through sensual and perceptual space. These gaps are felt, not seen.