Science-Themed Lolcats (Updated!)

in ur proton, bein your quarks
All right, I’ve resisted long enough. Sean Carroll has now officially asked if Cosmic Variance should host a physics-themed lolcat contest. My answer:

You’re going to regret this.

I’ve already tossed out a few:

  • “Im in ur manifolds compactifying ur dimensionz.”
  • “M-theory Cat Can Has Background Independence.”
  • “Im in ur comitee denyin ur tenur.”
  • “Im in ur landscape choosin ur parameturs.”
  • “I can has an inflaton.”
  • “Im in ur vacyoom eatin ur Higgs.”
  • “Sagan cat has a bilyunz and bilyunz of starz.”
  • And for Scott Aaronson, “Im in ur oracle solvin ur NP-compl33t problemz.”

Please, invent “better” ones — and don’t restrict yourself to physics! All science is your playground.

UPDATE (18 May): Welcome, link-clicking Language Log readers! Thanks for the link to the pictures. What can I say, except “Journalist Cat Can Has Snowclone; Im in ur X, V-in’ ur Y; BBC Cat Can Has Silly Seesun. . .”

UPDATE (25 May): See also Lolquarks.

UPDATE (2 June): Via Stranger Fruit comes another Schrödinger lolcat:
in ur quantum box

Originally written 16 May 2007, 19:44 o’clock.

8 thoughts on “Science-Themed Lolcats (Updated!)”

  1. These are great, though I suspect your third one will have a few people crying into their grant applications! How about:

    Im in ur gauge group, breakin ur symmetreez.
    Im in ur genome, transcribin ur codons.

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