Blake’s Research

A physicist by training, I dwell much of the time in the borderlands. My PhD thesis work was in the strange region where the mathematics of physics spills over into biology. Currently, I’m engaged with a problem in quantum information theory that brings into physics mathematical concepts that a dully orthodox physics education never touched. This problem also provides an opportunity to delve into the charmingly obscure byways of science history.

I am a Research Assistant Professor in the physics department of the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I work in the QBism research group led by Prof. Christopher Fuchs.

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“Giver,” Jonas suggested, “you and I don’t need
to care about the rest of them.”
The Giver looked at him with a questioning smile.
Jonas hung his head. Of course they needed to care.
It was the meaning of everything.

—Lois Lowry

"no matter how gifted, you alone cannot change the world"