Two Bardolatrous Items

I was in the basement of Building 14 several weeks ago, where MIT hides the “humanities” books, and I found the following:

The notion of Shakespeare entertained by an age affords an index to thought in general. If men re-create God in their own image, they are constantly remodelling their effigy of him whom they insist on regarding as the most God-like of men. Après Dieu, il créa le plus.

— Hazelton Spencer, Shakespeare Improved (1927)

Most of the things I’m seeing on the Internet these days have been making me go all stabby. I want to find press agents and revoke their science licenses. I want to smack George Lakoff for spreading neurophrenology and mainlining stupid into what should have been academic discourse. I want to make Ben Goldacre release the photos. . . yeah, he and PZ know what I’m talking about.

But I can’t do any of those things, so I’m driving them out of my mind with Chimes at Midnight (1965). Damn, but that soundtrack is catchy.

In Which Blake Fails

Not noticing the tiny, unobtrusive switch on the side of your laptop which is labeled “WIRELESS ON / OFF” and wondering why you are no longer detecting any WiFi networks: FAIL.

Trying to troubleshoot your switched-off WiFi by digging through kernel module configurations: FAIL.

Attempting to connect using the Ethernet card and a hub which turns out to be non-functional: FAIL.

Finally switching the WiFi to the ON position, connecting to the Internet and realizing, “Hooray, now I can get back to work on that proceedings book for the conference which happened four years ago” — EPIC FAIL.