On Student Protest

I work at a university. I don’t worry about students protesting. I worry when they’re apathetic.

And yes, I’ve seen apathy. I had to fill in for an intro physics lecture at 9 am, fer chrissake.

Obviously, I’m not encouraging students to be violent. Or if they are, they should follow the proper procedures: first, be white, and second, schedule it after a sportsball game.

Occasionally I see scientists saying that these college kids hate science and reject it because “PC culture” or “postmodernism” or some such damn thing. But in a world of cool gadgets and awesome pics from space, and with science denial being a major and increasingly obvious part of the right-wing brand… It’s possible that they’re basically fine with science, and they just don’t like you.

A NW right winger murdered two people on a train in PDX, [they] are threatening an entire university & y’all wanna go on about student protests?